Ketevan Galumashvili, Executive Director of the BTL.Ge Agency, has been working in GEPRA on BTL issues since 2007. She is the graduate of the Psychology Faculty of the Tbilisi State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Labor and Organizational Psychology. In 2009 she studied at GAU PR School and, along with a Diploma, was awarded with a Reference Letter as the most diligent student.

She attended training courses in effective communications and social skills and was awarded with a Trainer’s Certificate. She has a 14-year work experience. She used to work on various positions in the public as well as private organizations on the following positions: Customer Relations Manager, Quality Management Manager, Senior Social agent, Expert of Licensing and Accreditation Department, Personnel Selection Manager and etc.

In 2005 she was invited in the capacity of a psychologist to work as a specialized member of the Contest-Qualification Commission of the Tbilisi Municipality and Local Self-Governance Employees. She participated in the state program for facilitating social adaptation and integration of disabled persons in 2006. She used to be a member of the inspection group.

During 2006 - 2007 she was invited as a trainer in the State Employment Program. Her activities in GEPRA include participation in various projects in the field of marketing communications. She rendered her services to up to 100 companies and implemented and planned many courier, promotional or advertising campaigns. Since 2011 she has been organizing and implementing Natakhtari lemonade and beer tours. Her favorite and loyal clients are Natakhtari, Microsoft Georgia, TBC Bank, Karvasla, and the International Corporation ICR.

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