As organizations across sectors navigate the unprecedented business and communications challenges of the novel coronavirus, our consultants are supporting clients with questions and preparations for ongoing response to the COVID-19 situation, we are sharing key insights and best practices sourced from cross-function team of experts advising clients on a range of COVID-19 issues – from communications strategy and crisis preparedness to employee safety.


  • Managing Business and Communications During Crisis Situations

  • Managing Business and Communications During Crisis Situations


  • How companies are adjusting to new the communication reality

  • How companies are adjusting to new the communication reality


  • Brand Contribution During

  • Brand Contribution During





  • Crisis Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Crisis Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Media Relations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Media Relations During the COVID-19 Pandemic


What do we offer business

Corporate Responsibility
Crisis Management
Communications strategy
Government Relations
Media Relations
Internal Communications
External Press Office
Business Model Innovation
Corporate Responsibility


Influence of business companies and major corporations on public life increases day-by-day and their position enhances in the field of specifying of global directions of a life, which increases responsibility of the business towards public needs and in response to their challenges.

Nowadays corporate responsibility becomes more important and civil position of business companies in no longer a subject of a choice – it is a moral obligation of all businesses who believe that they are a part of a society.

  • We assist our consumers in specifying of a general strategy and main priorities of a corporate responsibility based on problems and development perspectives existing in the society;
  • We plan corporate responsibility activities, specify stakeholders and carry out activities that is accompanied with communication support and showing of consumers as responsible companies within an informational space. 

Corporate management - products 

  • Evaluative report of an influence
  • Corporate responsibility strategy
  • Development of pro-bono services
  • Establishing of international standards
  • Policy documents and internal regulations
  • Corporate responsibility campaigns
  • Company responsibility report
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Tako Varamashvili
Crisis Management


Organizations of all type are vulnerable to spreading of negative information that harms their reputation and business image, especially in the modern world where constant exchange of opinions and ideas takes place, where there is no limitations and critical content is frequent. 

Communication crisis of various scale happens every day and everyone needs a correct and long-term anti-crisis communication.

  • We offer the following to our consumers: full management of a crisis –identification of problematic issues, implementation of a specific anti-crisis plan and analysis of obtained outcomes, which is focused on long-term protection and enhancement of reputation.
  • We ensure formation and establishing of crisis situation prevention mechanisms, which means working out of preliminary strategies and conducting of positive communication in respect to potentially risky issues.

 Crisis Management - Products

  • Crisis evaluation and forecasting
  • Crisis management guideline
  • Anti-crisis strategy
  • Crisis prevention plan
  • Crisis damage reduction mechanisms
  • Anti-crisis campaigns
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Kakha Magradze
Communications strategy


A communication strategy is the critical piece bridging the situation analysis and the implementation of a social and behavior change communication. Effective communication strategies use a systematic process and behavioral theory to design and implement communication activities that encourage sustainable social and behavior change.

A communication strategy guides an entire program or intervention. It sets the tone and direction so that all communication activities, products and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired change. Strategic activities and materials are more likely to promote change. A communication strategy also enables stakeholders and partners to provide input and agree upon the best way forward so that actions are unified. With an agreed-upon communication strategy, staff and partners have a map they can refer to through the various program development stages.

With the help of Gepra's team, you will be able to:

  • Carry out communication audit and assess the current situation in terms of public relations practice, as well as the organization's awareness and reputation indicators;
  • With the involvement of the team members of the organization, identify the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization; Develop a long-term vision and define the mission;
  • Define a long-term vision of public relations and communication with the target audience, set specific and measurable goals and objectives that will help you accomplish your mission and realize your vision;
  • Determine Periodicity and Criteria for Monitoring and Evaluating Communication Strategy Performance
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Kakha Magradze
Government Relations


Governmental parties play an important role in specifying and forming of current processes, main vectors of development, current policy, inter-state relations, investment and social relations. We assist our consumers in ensuring active participation of business and civic organizations, initiative and youth groups in defending of own interests and establishing of positive changes through advocacy, constructive and sound communication with representatives of governmental authorities, participation in the process of specifying of policies.

  • Government Relations include analysis of public policy practice and legislative space, forming and implementation of a specific action plan that is in service of specific needs of a consumer and cooperation with the governmental/state authorities;
  • Implementation of specific aims and objectives is possible through establishing of direct relations with the governmental representatives and actualization of various topics within and informational space;
  • Government Relations means communication with representatives of public institutions, main state stakeholders, public unions, civil organizations, business companies and groups that have other types of influence and ensuring their involvement in the process. 

Government relations - Products

  • Evaluative report about analysis of needs
  • Government relation strategy
  • Forming of Government Relation structure
  • Current consultations in the field of Government Relation
  • Developing and implementation of a joint project
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Nutsa Subeliani
Media Relations


Mass media plays an important and unique role in informing of various groups about a public life, policy formation and urgent issues.

Purposeful relations with media and positive highlighting by means of media is very important for conducting of human relation and integrated marketing communication in an efficient manner.

  • We offer following services to our consumers in the field of media relations: creation of a content that is interesting for media through observation of trends and analysis of media preferences;
  • We prepare relevant informational materials, provide them to media, we assist consumers in getting into the center of attention of media;
  • Highlighting by media means not obtaining of quantitative result but getting of quality media materials, which really have an influence over media audience and social teams of various types. It assists our consumers in fulfilment of their reputation and communication objectives;
  • Modern approaches of media relations consist of inclusion of editors, producers, journalists and mass-media and their participation in a decision-making process. We offer specific media measures and application of various instruments of cooperation with media to our consumers.

Instruments of Media Relations 

Informational material

  • Press-releases
  • Media announcements
  • Press kits
  • Podcasts

Media events

  • Press conferences
  • Briefings
  • Seminars
  • Tours
  • Working meeting
  • Highlighting
  • Initiation of interviews
  • Participation in TB-programs
  • Highlighting of innovation
  • Conferences
  • Media competitions
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Nini Metreveli
Internal Communications


Sound internal communication is important for any organization. It is required for efficient functioning of organization and uninterrupted exchange of necessary information and development of united visions, team attitude.

Analysis of internal communication process existing within the organization, identification of strong sides and defects starts at initial stage of a business for development of a proper system of internal communication.

Main internal communication aims and objectives of an organization are specified; internal communication scheme, platform and procedures are worked out that are adjusted to the needs of an organization.

Criteria for assessment of efficiency of internal communication and mechanisms of correction are specified.

Considering the business aims and processes of organizations our experts assist customers in development of efficient internal communication system. It ensures the following:

  • Employees are informed about processes taking within and outside the organization, main news, achievements and challenges;
  • Work process is coordinated more efficiently;
  • Communication barriers are overcome within the organization;
  • Each employee has an ability of delivering own initiatives to their colleagues;
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Giga Kharebava
External Press Office


Media relations, creating content and monitoring is essential for any kind of organizations and while managing any kind of project as well. Each decision must be properly determined and should be oriented on the results. This field is especially essential in crisis situations. Frequently, just one person is not enough to manage this process and teamwork is necessary.

External press office includes the following services for our clients:

Preparation and dissemination of information-analytical materials, statements, press releases. Additionally, at the request of the media, providing the necessary information (via mediated by external press office);

Preparation of a media review and monitoring report by the external press office team;

Organizing press conferences, briefings, media seminars, press lunches, trainings;

Providing information about the activities of the organization/client to the media;

Internal corporate publications for clients: Corporate Magazines, Brochures, Information Stand;

Information support of the organization/client's website: news, press releases, announcements, articles, reports, photo materials.

  • Preparation and dissemination of press releases/announcements
  • Preparation and dissemination of the media kit
  • Selection of speakers/respondents; Prepare the speeches
  • Creating media content (eg. news, article, script)
  • Selection of a media product
  • Rankings, circulation, access to the audience - creating a base
  • Negotiation with the media
  • Coverage (initiating interviews/news coverage)
  • Planning media placement and controlling quality
  • Planning/managing press conferences/briefings
  • Planning/managing media seminars/media tours
  • Planning/managing media competitions
  • Preparing media report
  • Preparing media base
  • Media monitoring
  • Media crisis management
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Nini Metreveli
Business Model Innovation


Changes taking place in the world are fundamental and innovative. The environment changes. Strategies and methodologies that seemed ideal and unreplaceable before are changed too.

New factors of a competition encourage companies to change a competition vector and put leaders and their followers in a position of innovation seekers in a permanent mode. Quality of products and services isn’t a basis for competition – it’s a natural requirement already.

Working out of united vision of management about perspectives of a company development assists an organization in overcoming of existing challenges and development of a unique business model.

Creation of an innovative business model is the best way of differentiation of a company from competitors that ensures a long-term success through inter-relation of critical factors;

Main objective of creation of an innovative business model is breaking of myths about dominant business logics that exists in this field, destroying of a status-quo and introduction of new rules on the market. Global entrepreneurial map and landscape has changed significantly as a result of application of such models. The companies that use an innovative business model are among top ten leading companies of the world.

With assistance of Gepra’s team of innovators and through establishing of an innovative business model you will be able to:

  • Specifying of modern business potential completely and distribution of existing financial, material and human resources correctly for obtaining of additional profit;
  • Making of changes without any loss;
  • Formulating of a flexible strategy within a short period of time that is adapted to change of environmental factors;
  • Making new value propositions to consumers;
  • Obtaining a long-term competitive advantage;
  • Entering foreign markets successfully;
  • Developing of new directives of business where you will set the rules of a game, create a new system of assessment;
  • Development of standardized templates of products, services and projects;
  • Unifying of a team through setting of clear aims and objectives for them and determining of their contribution in a joint aim.
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